Quality assurance

Environmental policy

C & G d.o.o. Ljubljana regularly monitors and consistently complies with environmental regulations that are relevant to our activities in the area of power engineering and ecology. Environmental policy is the basis for constant improvements in the efficiency of the management system and organizational culture.

The management ensures expert qualifications, information and motivation for all employees and is committed to the following:

  • necessary activities which directly and indirectly contribute to constant improvements of environmental management and pollution prevention,
  • complying with legal and other environmental requirements,
  • introducing the environmental policy to the interested public, setting clear standards for responsibility at carrying out procedures that could affect the environment,
  • informing suppliers and contractors about procedures that refer to them and request their implementation and environmentally friendly orientation,
  • providing funding for the implementation of environmental programs.

General objectives:

  • recognising and measuring environmental effects,
  • raising ecological awareness of the expert public by actively participating in procedures for adopting legal acts and statutory environmental regulations,
  • reducing environmental burdens by developing and using new environmentally friendly technologies,
  • indirectly reducing the influence on the environment by collecting and removing hazardous waste in the field of energy and industry.

Quality control policy

The quality of the entire business is crucial for successful long-term business performance of the organization.  When managing the overall quality we need to take into account all the factors that may in any way affect the quality of business procedures, projects, products or services.

Our goal is to adjust to specific customer or market needs and ensuring long-term success of business operations.

Human resources are the most important source of planning and carrying out various tasks, so they will without a doubt contribute the most to our efforts to improve the quality of business operations. All employees are aware of this and have incorporated this knowledge into their daily operations.

As a guide and tool for quality assurance, the international standard ISO 9001:2015 helps us ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services. Here we pay special attention to:

  • Ongoing education, training, learning new skills and acquiring knowledge on all levels,
  • Continuous monitoring of the development of new technologies and equipment and updating our technology, equipment and working procedures,
  • Building good partner and business relationships with our customers and adapting to their specific requirements,
  • Compliance with domestic and international regulations and standards,
  • Complete management of the quality assurance system,
  • Coordinated cooperation with the suppliers of materials, equipment and services,
  • Detecting and preventing errors and controlling set tasks and plans,
  • Determining deviations and their causes, which serve as the basis for introducing and implementing improvements that provide continuous quality growth and optimize operating costs,
  • Defining and fulfilling specific objectives in annual business plans,
  • Providing necessary information to employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Our organization ensures the quality in the field of training workers for installation, maintenance, servicing and repairs of Ex equipment in accordance with EN 60079-14:2009, SIST EN 60079-17:2008 and EN 60079-7:2009.

To fulfil the requirements of the contractor Nuclear power Plant Krško (NEK), our organization harmonized quality assurance of its products and services with the requirements of standards 10CFR50 Appendix B and 10CFR21

Our commitment to quality assurance guarantees that the products and services are in accordance with the requirements and expectations of customers, as well as domestic and international standards. We guarantee quality at all stages of the business process.

Our quality control and environmental management system is based on the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We follow the principle that all workers are responsible for the quality of their work; therefore, they must fully satisfy the requirements of both external and “internal” customers and associates in the business process. We motivate quality with regular educations.

We are committed to fulfilling the requirements and continuously improving the efficiency of our quality control system. All employees are acquainted with the quality policy and we check their compliance thereof with regular management reviews.

IECEx Certification 

Due to the requirements and necessity of the market, we have entered the so-called field of ATEX (Explosive Atmospheres), regulated with the European Directive 94/9/EC. This refers to facilities and procedures in environments with an explosive atmosphere (Ex environment), i.e. refineries, gas stations, paints shops and warehouses for flammable gases or dust. Contractors that carry out any type of work in such environments must be qualified for it and they must obtain a qualification certification for these activities, which are in our case the following:

  • Installation of electrical equipment in explosive atmosphere environments ,
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment in explosive atmosphere environments and
  • Repairs of Ex equipment.