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    C&G d.o.o. Ljubljana is the proud recipient of the AAA Platinum Credit Excellence Award 2021.

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  • ČU1

    Stopper glands

    Cleanliness of pipes, as well as road pits, energy plant areas and modular enclosures, is accomplished by sealing pipes and cables. This prevents water, mud and feces from penetrating into pipes. Furthermore, this also prevents rodents from nesting in pipes and damaging fiber optic cables and any other cables in the pipe.

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  • Omarica LISA CMYK

    Life Safe (LiSa)

    The Lisa system enables the control of transformer substations as well as a network outside transformer substations. It also facilitates supervising of electrical quantities and the quality of electricity in transformer substations (according to standard EN 50160).

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  • DPN

    Live working

    C & G d.o.o. Ljubljana is a leading Slovene company for education and training of installation workers in live working environment.

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