Environmental policy

C & G d.o.o. Ljubljana regularly monitors and consistently complies with environmental regulations that are relevant to our activities in the area of power engineering and ecology. Environmental policy is the basis for constant improvements in the efficiency of the management system and organizational culture.

The management ensures expert qualifications, information and motivation for all employees and is committed to the following:

  • necessary activities which directly and indirectly contribute to constant improvements of environmental management and pollution prevention,
  • complying with legal and other environmental requirements,
  • introducing the environmental policy to the interested public, setting clear standards for responsibility at carrying out procedures that could affect the environment,
  • informing suppliers and contractors about procedures that refer to them and request their implementation and environmentally friendly orientation,
  • providing funding for the implementation of environmental programs.

General objectives:

  • recognising and measuring environmental effects,
  • raising ecological awareness of the expert public by actively participating in procedures for adopting legal acts and statutory environmental regulations,
  • reducing environmental burdens by developing and using new environmentally friendly technologies,
  • indirectly reducing the influence on the environment by collecting and removing hazardous waste in the field of energy and industry.