C&G d.o.o. Ljubljana is a modern engineering organisation that offers services for projects for electricity and industrial companies and infrastructure. Its specialisation fields include electrical engineering, SCADA systems and efficient energy use.

Power utilities:

  • overhead lines up to 400kV,
  • cable systems up to 400kV,
  • transformer stations to 400kV,
  • protection systems,
  • SCADA system,
  • control centres,
  • generators,
  • diesel aggregates,
  • buffer power supply,
  • combined heat and power plants (cogeneration plants). 


The railway sector:

  • power supply systems and contact conductors,
  • energy consumption monitoring systems,
  • engine energy consumption monitoring systems.


The pipeline sector:

  • electrical installations of compression stations,
  • SCADA systems for compression station,
  • measurement and control systems.


The industry sector:

  • transformer stations,
  • industrial overhead lines and cable systems,
  • diesel aggregates,
  • buffer power supply,
  • combined heat and power plants (cogeneration plants).


The ecology sector:

Hazardous waste treatment services – the ecology sector carries out business and technical activities for resolving issues with dangerous waste (PCB, industrial waste), lighting waste and discarded electronic equipment.

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  • feasibility and technical studies of power supply sytems and ecology solutions,
  • project design,
  • consulting services (investment engineering),
  • equipment procurement,
  • construction,
  • supervision services,
  • project management,
  • turn – key contracting.