Agumented reality platform for process control

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Goal of this project is the development and demonstration of agumented reality platform for process control ARGO which represents a comprehensive system solution for virtualization of processes of maintenance and management in infrastructural and industrial environments with the help of agumented reality.

Result of this project will be the ARGO platform as a unique solution which allows for a digitalized checking and management of infrastructure, simple and timed identification of potential problematic states based upon real time data, accurate navigation to the error spot and virtualization followed by maintenance protocol execution with the help of agumented reality.

Offical project webpage:

Project partnership is comprised of the following companies ART REBEL 9 d.o.o. (project coordinator), COMLAND d.o.o., C & G d.o.o., A KODA PLUS d.o.o., PS d.o.o., EMPERIA d.o.o. and DOM PTUJ.

Projet will be executed in the time frame from 1.9.2019 until 31.5.2022.

Investment is cofinanced  by Republic of Slovenia and EU from the European regional development fund. Value of cofunding totals to 1.802.344,75 EUR.

Link to the website:

Operation is being executed within the  Decree on the use of European Cohesion Policy funds in the Republic of Slovenia in the 2014–2020 under articel 1.2.